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Weigh Up The Trade Course And You May Possibly Become An Aussie Permanent Resident!

When thinking about options for studying in Australia, most people go for a popular course such as Business Management or Information Systems. However, landing in Australia on job and then planning on PR won’t be of any assistance.

The more realistic and practicable approach is studying a trade certificate such as Automotive Technology, Electrician, Engineering Fabrication, Plumbing etc.

These and other many are the courses that can lead one to open the doors of permanent residency.

Including leading to permanent residency these courses have other benefits such as:

  • Cheaper Fee
  • You will gain hands on practical training required on job
  • You have multiple job opportunities once you finish the course
  • Less people applying for permanent residency in trade category
  • Employers are more likely to sponsor
  • Can become a contractor or start own business.

Hence, studying trade course has a high possibly of gaining Permanent Residency and Bright Future!

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