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South Australia has changed the criteria for the chain migration and state nomination streams.

South Australia, since a long time has benefitted  from migration through chain migration and high points migrants but that is set to change with this new development.

Please follow our previous blogs if you would like to know the previous requirements of state nomination for South Australia. 

Immigration South Australia has revised its requirements for a-lot of things including 

Work Experience 

SA graduates will now need to work for the last 3 months in a skilled occupation before the time of the application. This is majorly done for Immigration SA to collect appropriate evidence to verify the applications current employment  in South Australia and to ensure that the applicant has good employment outcomes.

The work experience requirement that would be applicable to you depends on the qualification achieved in SA.

1-Vocational Education and Training(VET) Certificate or Diploma completed in South Australia. You should be working in your nominated or closely related occupation(min 20 hours per week) for the last 6 months in country side or 12 months in Greater Adelaide.

2-Bachelors Degree or higher completed in SA. This would require working for the last 3 months in a skilled occupation in South Australia(minimum 20 hours per week). If claiming Australia work experience, you need to show that at-least 6 months of the experience is in SA.

3-If applying from offshore you would be only eligible to apply if the last 6 months of your skilled worked experience in Australia was taken in SA(20 hours per week).

4-If onshore and applying for SA nomination you need to have skilled work experience for the last 6 months in South Australia(Minimum 20 hours per week).

The skilled work doesn’t have to be in your nominated occupation or even close related occupation unless your occupation requires additional work experience.

Waivers Available

You can access work experience waivers for state nomination. Please take into consideration that you still need to provide work experience to claim points for your General Skilled Migration program or if your skills assessment authority demands it.

You will need to be residing in SA and completed one of the following.

1-Completed PHD or Masters by Research 

2-GPA of 6.0 or above in a Bachelor Degree

3-First Class Honours in a dedicated Honours year

4-GPA of 6.0 or above in Masters by Coursework degree

If you are an SA graduate, you can access the waiver for work experience if

1-You have Proficient English.

2-Minimum score of IELTS 7.5 or PTE Academic 73 or TOEFL iBT 102 or CAE 191

3-Passport holder and citizen of the USA, UK, NZ, Canada or Ireland

4-Currently working for the last 3 months in a skilled occupation in SA.

Chain Migration

Changes are being made effective from 1 July 2018 to Immigration SA’s chain migration pathway to ensure that this remains an option for families seeking to reunite with an immediate family member in South Australia.

1-The pathway will now be offered for the provisional 489 visa only. It is important that migrants in this pathway are genuinely settling with or near their family member and not using this as a pathway to settle in other states.

2-The existing family member in South Australia will need to have resided in South Australia for at least 24 months, rather than 12 months. This ensures closer ties and commitment to South Australia.

3-The existing family member in South Australia will be able to be a South Australian State nominated provisional visa holder (489 visa), not just a permanent resident or Australian citizen.

4- It remains important that chain migration applicants carefully consider their likelihood of achieving skilled employment, as they are being nominated primarily based on their family links. We expect that the existing family member will be on hand to provide considerable settlement support as required. 

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us.

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