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Processing for Subclass(457) and its successor has always been a long process, can this be the solution to it?

Subclass(457) can take up to 10 months for processing, whereas the new subclass(482) takes upto 4 months, if the case is strong.

The average waiting time has significantly increased when it come to decisions on various visas. This is due to shortage of staff, complex case assessment processes and ever changing migration rules. In situations where the applicant needs to talk to the immigration department urgently, the waiting time is atleast 1 hour. The department has ongoing policy to not comment on any visa processes if they are within the processing times but this also affects cases of urgency and situations where contact with the case officer is very essential.

While there appears to be no immediate solution for this, employers wishing to smoothen up the process of sponsoring prospecting employee can do so by becoming an accredited sponsor. This will enable them to gain access to a variety of concessions as well as reducing the processing times to some extent. 

Currently there are 4 categories of accreditation 

1) Commonwealth State and Territory Government Agencies

2) Australian Trusted Traders

3) Low volume usage and high percentage of Australian workers

4) High volume usage and medium percentage of Australian workers

Provided the business can meet any of the four criteria. The business will however still need to demonstrate a consistent business turnover, how many temporary visa sponsorship has been done earlier and so on. Full details can be found here.

Once this is granted, the processing times of temporary sponsorship applications will be much smoother and faster. Streamlined nominations will get priority processing and “extra documents" such as police clearance from home country will not be required. At present accredited sponsors are awarded with processing times of around 2 days-3 weeks only. Nominations are auto approved and taking only minutes after the initial lodgment. This clearly is reduction in the processing times. 

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    2 years ago

    What is the current processing time for 482 visa?

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