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Lengthy visa processing times solution?

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 1 ) Comment

* Subclass(457) can take up to 10 months for processing, whereas the new subclass(482) takes upto 4 months, if the case is strong. The average wait

South Australia has announced list of State nominated occupations for 2018-19

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

* The Subclass(489) and Subclass(190) system is back online and just like previous years , SA has updated the skilled nomination requirements and

Points Requirement for Skilled Migration Increased!

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

Skilled migration eligibility, irrespective to prospects for invitation was at 60 points, but this is set to change from 1st July 2018. * *How will

Overstaying Your Visa

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

* Overstaying your visa can have serious consequences on , not just your future applications but also limit your chances of staying in Australia a

Occupations flagged and changes to Skills List

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

* Some occupations have been flagged to be removed from the skilled occupations lists and some have been moved around the Medium to Long Term Strat

Know about Student Visa finance requirements

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

The application has to have genuine access to the sufficient funds to cover all the expenses that they and any accompanying family members may incu

Lets Visit Different Types Of Bridging Visas

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

*Bridging Visas ** Bridging visas are granted for onshore visa applications. The motive behind this is to make sure the applicant stay lawfully unt

Section 48 Bar and the 3 year Ban

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

You can face a 3 year ban if you have left Australia unlawfully or have had a visa cancelled.This would prevent you to make any further application

South Australia Changes in State Nomination criteria.

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

* South Australia, since a long time has benefitted from migration through chain migration and high points migrants but that is set to change with

Labour Market Testing- TSS requirement

July 31, 2018BY Visafast ( 0 ) Comment

* For lodging the nomination of any prospective employee you would like to sponsor. Businesses need to go through "Labour Market Testing" Standard

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